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Toinon Vigier (LS2N, Université de Nantes)

She obtained a PhD in July 2015 from the Ecole Centrale de Nantes in the Ambiances Architectures and Urbanity lab, where she focused on virtual reality for urban studies. She was then a postdoctoral fellow in the Image Video and Communication team at Université de Nantes. She worked mainly on video quality in the European project UltraHD-4U. Since September 2016, she is an Associate Professor at Université de Nantes ((Polytech Nantes, Engineering School) in the Image Perception Interaction research team of the Laboratory of Digital Sciences in Nantes (LS2N). Her research mainly focuses on the study, the analysis and the prediction of the quality of experience for immersive and interactive multimedia. She is also involved in a lot of interdisciplinary research projects gathering computer scientists with designers, artists, psychiatrists or psychologists.

Patrick Le Callet (LS2N, Université de Nantes)

He is a Professor at Université de Nantes (Polytech Nantes, Engineering School) in the Image Perception Interaction research team of the Laboratory of Digital Sciences in Nantes (LS2N). Since January 2017, he is one of the seven members of the steering Board the CNRS LS2N lab (450 researchers), as representative of Polytech Nantes. He is also since 2015 the scientific director of the cluster ”West Creative Industries”, a five-year program gathering more than 10 institutions (including 3 universities). ”West Creative Industries” aims to strengthen Research, Education \& Innovation of the Region Pays de Loire in the field of Creative Industries. He is mostly engaged in research dealing with the application of human vision modeling in image and video processing. His current centers of interest are Quality of Experience assessment, Visual Attention modeling and applications, Perceptual Video Coding and Immersive Media Processing. He is co-author of more than 250 publications and communications and co-inventor of 16 international patents on these topics.

Pierre Lebranchu (LS2N, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nantes)

He is Hospital Practitioner in Ophthalmology at the Centre Hosptialier Universitaire de Nantes as well as researcher in the CNRS LS2N lab. His clinical activity focuses on the care of oculomotor disorders and neuro-ophthalmological diseases. He holds also a PhD in neuroscience and he is engaged in research dealing with visual attention modeling.

Samuel Bulteau (SPHERE INSERM, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nantes)

He is Hospital Practitioner in Addictology and Psychatry at the Centre Hosptialier Universitaire de Nantes, with an medical expertise in the evaluation and treatment of mood disorders and addictive co-morbidities. He is also specialized in the use of non-invasive brain stimulation techniques. His PhD thesis focuses on the impact of the subjective experience on the evaluation and the efficiency of clinical trials in biological psychiatry. He leads the research project REVISTIM about the combination of virtual reality and brain stimulation for an innovative and personalized therapeutic approach in the treatment of mental disorders.

Jieun Kim (Hanyang University, Seoul)

She is an Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of Technology and Innovation Management, and jointly affiliated with the Department of Arts \& Technology, at Hanyang University in Korea. She received the M.S and Ph.D. degrees in Industrial Engineering from Arts et Métiers ParisTech in 2008 and 2011, respectively. Her current research focuses on Human-Computer Interaction in medical fields. The interests include rehabilitation design for the elderly, patient empowerment, and caring systems in hospital environment.

Hokyoung Ryu (Hanyang University, Seoul)

He is a Professor in Department of Arts \& Technology at Hanyang University. His research interest includes Practitioner’s HCI and designing issues, cognitive information design, and learning technology and game-based learning (e.g., serious games) finding creative and innovative outputs thus far.

Seongil Lee (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)

He is currently a professor at the department of Systems Management Engineering of Sungkyunkwan University in Suwon, Korea. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1995. His areas of interest are Human Factors Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction, and Universal Design in ICT.  He is currently running a Universal User Experience Design lab in the college of Engineering at Sungkyunkwan University, and performs several projects on accessibility in house electronic appliances for the people with disabilities, working closely with such companies as Samsung and LG electronics. He is a member in Ergonomics Society of Korea, IIE, ACM, and IEEE, and leads several national standards committees in the AAL and accessibility of consumer products.

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